Sunday, 18 May 2008


What else could I ask for I am living in the most beautiful city with the best ice cream, also know as gelato. Before I left for Rome, I must have heard it a 100 times from many different people, make sure you eat Italian gelato. I have to say they were right. The gelato here is the most amazing thing I have ever tasted. It is so refreshing to treat yourself to a gelato after exploring the streets of Italy all day on a hot afternoon.

Interested to know what the amazing Italian gelato was made of I researched to see what I could find. It is as simple as milk, sugar and flavorings. However, the reason for its density and extreme flavor is because it is made up of less than 35% air. There are many minor variations in the ingredients depending on what part of Italy the gelato is made. Regardless, it is definitely an Italian treasure!

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