Sunday, 18 May 2008


My first gelato experience was to the well known Giolitti Gelatoria near the Pantheon and Hilda’s tower. I actually came across Giolitti while searching for Hilda’s tower. I had heard about it through my good friend who had just traveled in Rome. She specifically told me to go to this gelatoria and order Frutti di Bosco.

After a long search for Hilda’s tower we found it and decided to reward ourselves with a gelato from Giolitti’s. Since this was an authentic Italian gelatoria we had some difficulty figuring out how the ordering worked because no one spoke English.

After observing other customers we realized that they do it differently here. You pay first and then order at the gelato counter. Once we went to order we ran into another problem, all the flavors were in Italian. Fortunately, my friend had told me to try the Frutti di Bosco so I knew that was a safe bet. We sat outside at the tables with other customers who enjoyed their gelati on this hot Wednesday afternoon and decided that we would be returning soon to Giolitti’s!

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