Sunday, 25 May 2008

Piazza di Santa Maria's Charm

The piazza gets much of its charm from the basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere. The church faces the piazza and brings significance and aesthetics to the center of the piazza. Santa Maria in Trastevere was the first official Christian worship place built in Rome. It dates back to the 3rd century founded by Pope Callixtus I.

The exterior depicts 12th century mosaics of the Virgin Mary with Jesus and 10 women holding lamps at the top of the Basilica which were done by Pietro Cavallini. The aesthetics and importance of this Basilica brings a lot of people through the Piazza, especially during the day. As I observed, there are many groups that walk through the Piazza who pause at the fountain and continue on into the museum. It is very important because otherwise the Piazza could be missed, considering it is down narrow alley ways and is not very visible to a travelers-eye. The beautiful facade of the church with the fountain in front is reason enough to make a visit to Piazza Santa in Trastevere!

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