Sunday, 25 May 2008

Sorrento vs. Roman Gelato

While staying in Sorrento, we stopped at a gelateria off the town’s main street called Davide Gelato. Recommended by the famous Rick Steves’, we knew he wouldn’t steer us wrong. It was time to compare and contrast Rome’s gelato to Sorrento’s. Rome has many more gelateria’s but for Sorrento size is in close comparison. Limoncello is Sorrento’s claim to fame, however it is not all they are good at.

The gelato was surprisingly very smooth and fluffy. The vast number of flavors was overwhelming. Each of us ordered different flavors and shared with one another. The frutti di bosco, which of course I got, was full of flavor and was exactly the right consistency. I could taste the real fruit flavors. After a big heavy Italian meal there is nothing better to cleanse your pallet. I was very impressed with Sorrento’s gelato. It definitely gives Rome a run for its money in terms of gelato!

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