Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Santa Maria sopra Minerva

Santa Maria sopra Minerva is my favorite church that I have visited in Rome. This church is the only Gothic architecture in Rome that I have seen. The building was actually built above ancient ruins, hence the Italian word sopra meaning above the temple of Minerva.

The first time I visited Minerva, I was in awe of the enormous structure and its overwhelming visage. It seemed impossible to capture and take in all the church had to offer. It has the most magnificent ceiling I have ever seen. The high deep royal blue T-shaped vaulted ceilings are intricate with gold stars and paintings of saints; create a warm feeling throughout the church.

The glass windows that are placed in the top of each archway down the nave of the church with the sun shining through them really is a sight to see. Surprisingly, this is the first church in Rome that I have seen with glass windows.

The ceiling and glass windows, as seen in the pictures, alone are reason enough to visit Santa Maria sopra Minerva.

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