Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Direction from Rome's Termini to the Great Synagogue of Rome

Starting at Stazione Centrale Roma Termini facing Piazzi dei Cinquecento, make a left onto Via Cavour. After about four or five blocks you will reach Cavour’s metro station. A few more blocks down the road curves slightly to the right, make sure to stay on Via Cavour. Once you run into Via dei Fori Imperiali make a right. Follow this road until you reach the church of Colonna Traiana on the right. At the church make a left onto Via S. Marco. After about a block turn left onto Via D. Teatro di Marcello. Keep an eye out for San Nicola in Carcere on your right, slightly passed this church make a right onto Via della Consolazoine. Then a quick left onto Longotevere dei Cenci which is along the Tiber River, up a little bit on the right sits the Great Synagogue of Rome.

The Great Synagogue of Rome or Tempio Maggiore di Roma is the largest synagogue in Rome. It was built by Vincenzo Costa and Osvaldo Armanni in 1904. The structure, in the heart of the Jewish Ghetto, is a symbol and celebration of the Jewish Liberation. The unique square aluminum dome makes the building stand out from many vantage points throughout the city.

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