Monday, 9 June 2008

An evening in Trastevere

Not knowing what to expect I ventured out of Santa Maria in Cappella, down the long staircase, into the dark dungeon and out through the secret back entrance. Out we went to find out what happens on a Monday night around 9:30 pm in our own town. We wondered down the cobblestone alleyways once again; however, this time the side streets were lit by illuminating street lights. Young people, sauntered arm in arm without a care in the world. The numerous ristorantes that lined the narrow alleys on either side were still happily serving their customers. As we meandered into the square the crowd of young Italians became greater. The base of the center fountain was jam-packed with kids socializing. Although it seemed late, for my standards, for kids to be out gallivanting in the town, here it seemed to be the norm. We continued on our journey stopping every so often to get a quick glimpse of Italy vs. Amsterdam score. Unfortunately, it did not look good for the Italians, although loyal fans continued to sit intently watching the eurocup soccer game. The night ended, of course, with a gelato. All in all, I would say it was a successful and delicious night in Trastevere.

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