Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Il Gelato San Crispino

Il Gelato San Crispino voted one of the top ten Gelateria’s in Rome, put nicely, was a major disappointment. Upon entering I noticed it had a different atmosphere about it. It was not bright with gelato overflowing in the glass case like the other gelateria’s I have been to. Rather it was unassuming and had no gelato in sight. However, I do have to say, the store was very clean as they pride themselves for their hygiene.

Hillary, one of my teaching assistants, told me they were known for their Il Gelato di S. Crispino which is honey flavored gelato, so I thought I would give it a try. Thankfully, I sampled it first and realized that it was not for me. I ended up going with the hazelnut and crema gelato hoping it would be a safe bet. To my dismay, the gelato was in fact highly overrated. Both flavors lacked any distinctive taste, in fact, I could barely tell the difference between the two. If that wasn’t enough it was extremely overpriced and due to their high concern for hygiene, they do not serve cones! San Crispino is definitely not on the top of my gelateria list.

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