Friday, 13 June 2008

Gelateria della Palma

Gelaterai Della Palma, a block from the Pantheon offers a vast array of gelato flavors, by far the most I have seen in one gelateria. You can see for yourself from the pictures, which only encompasses about half of what they have to offer. The overwhelming selection not only offers a rich creamy gelato but also semifreddi or half frozen mousse, which is available in at least ten different flavors. The only down fall to the mousse is you have to get it in a cup because it doesn’t have the same consistency as gelato and would melt to fast in a cone. I decided on the Mars semifreddi, which was very light and airy with chunks of candy mixed in, but don’t be surprised when it tastes nothing like gelato.

Oh and of course I tried the gelato as well. An even tougher decision than usual with about a hundred flavors calling out to me each one looking mouth watering and delicious. I tried to take a different route than my usual fruit gelato, and went straight for the rich chocolate flavors. My decision landed on Riso e Nutella which was perfect. The smooth creamy vanilla gelato with swirls of hazelnut Nutella mixed with the added bonus of the crispity chrunchity rice puffs. If you can’t tell already I highly suggest this gelateria, it is definitely high on my gelato tour list.

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