Wednesday, 4 June 2008

History of Gelato

The history of this decadent dessert today called gelato, dates back 3,000 years ago. I assumed gelato originated in Italy; however, to the contrary, Emperors of China were the first to indulge in what started the evolution of our gelato today. The Emperors made what we call, sorbetto which was wine and honey flavored snow. It is said that the Chinese taught Arab traders their recipe, who than shared the it with the Venetians and Romans.

It took a few centuries before what today we call gelato was created. Gelato was originated in Northern Italy by the Dolomites and consisted of milk, cream, eggs, sugar and other natural flavorings. When gelato was first created in Italy, it was considered a rich man’s dessert because only royalty could afford it in the beginning. Gelato was a major source of income for the Dolomites. Fortunately, as time went on the recipe spread across Italy and now all of Italy, rich and poor, get to indulge in this delectable dessert!

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