Monday, 16 June 2008

The Vatican Museums

Embarrassed, saddened, and true, I have been in Rome for over five weeks now and have yet to visit the Vatican Museums. The Vatican Museums were on the top of my list for sites to see while studying in Rome; however, I just haven’t been able to find time to visit the spectacular place. Although as a class we went to St. Peters, we did not have enough time to see the museums as well.

The museums are full of history and date back to the year 1198, when the papal palace was created by Innocent III. A large part of the museum houses Greek and Roman artistic treasures. It is from sculptures like Apoxyomenos, Apollo del Belvedere, and Laocoon, which are considered a few of the greatest achievements of Western art that Michelangelo and other famous Renaissance artists were deeply influenced. The path that leads you to the garden also lead you to the Sistine Chapel, a church I have longed to see for years. Having learned about the beautiful frescoed art work of the Sistine Chapel and the great Renaissance artists who were responsible for the magnificent art, made me eager to see the art and architecture for myself. Hopefully I will have time this week to make a trip to the Vatican Museums, and if so I will be sure to report on my experience!

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