Monday, 16 June 2008

A trip to Boys' Town of Rome

Boys’ Town of Rome was more than anything I could have prepared myself for. It was a very special experience, an unforgettable one at that. As all 50 of us gallivanted up the drive way, we passed a few citizens who were working together on yard work. We received a warm welcome and then we were off to learn more about the orphanage that Monsignor Carroll-Abbing successfully started over 50 years ago. His mission to create a new chance at life for young boys at risk was accomplished by his courage and the help of many people. Monsignor Carroll-Abbing felt it very important to make the community as real life as possible for the boys. So a democracy was implemented through a hierarchical structure. The “city” of Boys’ Town is run by the mayor, who is elected by the citizens. We were fortunate enough to meet the present mayor, a young boy from Morocco. He was very friendly and accepting of us and happy to answer any questions we had. After just a short visit, I really felt the brotherhood between the boys who seemed to look after one another as if they were one big family. Leaving with a smile upon my face and a sense of satisfaction, I strongly suggest visiting Boys’ Town if you have the chance.

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