Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gelateria Tour Information

The first stop on the gelateria tour is Gelateria della Palma. Gelateria della Palma is just mere steps from the Pantheon, which could be seen as a plus for convenience or a minus for steeper prices. However, della Palma offers a wide variety with over a 100 different flavors of gelato; and if that isn’t good enough for you, try their specialty semifreddi (half frozen mousse). Giolliti’s, the next stop, is probably the most famous gelateria in Rome. It was voted number one on the top 10 list for gelateria’s in Rome. The ordering process can be quite confusing and intimidating to new customers, just make sure to pay at the cash register before you order. Then walk over to the large crowd of people around the gelato case and work your way up to the counter because there are no lines. Although it may be intimidating, it is all part of the experience. The last stop on the gelateria tour is San Crispino. San Crispino is on the top 10 list of gelateria’s in Rome and it is known for their, Il Gelato di S. Crispino, which is honey flavored gelato. If this sounds like your kind of gelato, make sure to save room for the last stop!

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