Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Gelateria Tour Directions

Standing in Piazza della Rotondo with your back to the Pantheon, walk to the right towards the northeast corner of the piazza until you reach Via Pantheon. Proceed down the narrow road a short distance until you run into Piazza Maddalena where you will see the beautiful Santa Maria Maddalena. Continue to walk through the Piazza to the other side and get on Via Maddalena. After one short block you will see, on the left hand side, Gelateria della Palma are first stop. It is located on the corner of Via Maddalena and Via delle Copelle. After enjoying some tasty gelato or their famous semifreddi (half frozen mousse), get ready for our next stop! Exit Gelateria della Palma and make a left onto Via Maddalena walk two blocks and then turn right on Via Degli Uffiei del Vicario. As soon as you turn you will see giant bright green letters reading Giolliti’s, voted the number one gelateria in Rome. Stop in a get a taste for yourself. The last stop on our tour is just steps away from the famous Trevi Fountain. From Giolliti’s turn right and head towards Palazzo Chigi go straight through and on the other side is Piazza Colonna, go straight through until you will run into Via del Corso, a main street. At Via del Corso make a left and then a quick right onto Via del Tritone. A couple blocks down you will pass Piazza Poli on your right. Continue on for a couple more blocks until you reach Via di Panneteria Scalone and make a right. Follow this road down about 100 meters until you reach the last stop on the tour, San Crispino.

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