Friday, 27 June 2008

The Grand Finale of the Gelato Tour

The last stop on the gelato tour was Giolliti’s, making a complete circle back to the start of my gelato tour. “One extra-large gelato please,” I said to the cashier as I handed her ten euros, yes that’s right ten euros worth of gelato. I handed my receipt to the man behind the counter, which evoked a shocked facial expression. It is probably not often that he serves customers a 10 euro gelato. He pulled out a cone that was at least twelve inches long and started piling on the gelato, making the cone another six inches taller with a huge dollop of whipped cream on top. I think every person in Giolitti’s stopped to observe the masterpiece. The ninety degree weather was not good circumstances because the gelato was melting so fast. It made it that much more of a challenge. We decided to walk to the Pantheon and sit there while we ate our gelato. I now know how celebtrities feel because as I walked down Via Pantheon we got comments, stares, and even cheering from the people on the street. However, the stares and cheering were not for the same reason celebrities get them . Instead, we were just great advertisements for Giolitti’s. Believe it or not I completed the challenge. It was a great end to my Italian gelato tour.

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